OC Structural Design
Residential and Commercial Design
Single/Multi Family Design
We provide structural engineering design services for single or multi family housing from concept to project completion and every step in between. Starting a new project? At OCSS we can help guide the planning and decision making process as we follow our general 4 phase project timeline shown below. Early involvement with a structural engineer can save thousands on construction costs by avoiding the pitfalls of irregular structural layouts and building materials that require high cost construction. Contact us today for help in any phase of your project timeline.
Low Rise Commercial
We provide structural engineering design and observation services of Steel, Concrete, Masonry and Timber buildings in most low height building configurations. We work hand in hand with owners, architects and builders to provide an efficient, cost effective design. When building fabricators or detailers are involved early in planning, we can work with their preferred methods to keep the project on schedule and on budget. Let us help you deliver a successful project no matter what stage it's in.
The Process
Pre-Design Concept Collaboration
General Schematic and Layout Design
Structural Design & Construction Documents
Construction Observation

Existing Conditions Analysis
Purchasing a property and need a structural observation report to close escrow? You want to make sure that you aren't inheriting foundation or structural deficiencies that aren't clear at the time of purchase and we can help. Is that crack cosmetic or a real structural concern? We know the difference, call us today to learn more about an existing condition report on your building.
Renovations and Upgrades
Planning a remodel, addition or tenant renovation? Let us help provide the structural design and generate construction drawings for a quick approval through your local City or County building department.
Solar Panel Analysis
Thinking about adding a large solar array to your roof structure? Depending on the size, weight and panel configuration your existing roof may or may not be strong enough to handle the added weight and wind forces. We can review your existing roof and provide plannning documents in order to obtain your solar panel permit.
Retaining Wall Design
Cast-in-Place Concrete, Concrete Stacked Blocks, Wire and Rock Basket, Timber or Concrete stacked Ties and Tie-back walls are all retaining wall options that you can explore to find the right solution for your property. Cutting back into an existing slope or building out to maximize the usable space on your lot? We can design your retaining wall to fit the exact needs of your project with a customized formed wall or pre-cast building option. Let us get the construction documents you'll need to properly estimate and bid your retaining wall project.
Structural Foundation Design
We provide structural design for new and retrofit foundations. Spread footings, continuous footings, grade beams, cassion piles and mat foundation design are all concrete foundation types that can be used. If you need a geotechnical (soils) investigation as part of your foundation design, we can either work with a company of your choosing or help you get set up with a reputable geotechnical engineer in your area.
ADU Plans and Permitting
Looking to add an Alternate Dwelling Unit (ADU) or (Junior) JADU to your property? New state laws have helped open up the ability to apply for and construct ADUs on your property but restrictions vary from city to city and county to county. We can provide information, planning and construction documents to expedite the permitting process for your local jurisdiction in order to get your project started as quickly as possible.
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