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Bridge and Construction Engineering
Falsework Design
Let us design your timber or steel falsework structure using your own used steel, premanufactured supports, or custom configurations. Have standard details that you're team is used to constructing with? We can develop designs to use old or new detials to fit your needs. Complex brige geometries? We have experience with parabolic, highly skewed, alternating super elevations, outrigger bents, supercaps, pre-cast integration and traveling forms. We've delt with the complex, and it's our goal to create a simple approach to constructing complex elevated structures.
Support of Excavations/Retaining Walls
Top down or bottom up construction? We can find an effective solution to fit your projects needs. Beam and plate, Tiebacks & whalers, Deadmen anchors, Rakers & struts, Soil nails, Slide rail, MSE/Wire baskets, CIP Concrete, hydraulic shores & trench sheilds with custom configurations. Do you already have a geotechnical report for your area of work? Yes, then great we can get right to work designing a support stucture for your excavation. No, then we can recommend a few companies that quickly perform an investigation to develop the soil design parameters we need to design a safe structure.
Work Bridge/Trestles
Need custom access over bodies of water or rough terrain? We can design work bridges with steel you already own to handle the construction loading that your project requires. Pile driven supports, steel girders and large timber mats can be built in a linear manner and provide for a versitle stable base to travel and construct from. Have an existing work bridge or structure that you'd like checked for a new construction loading? We can analyze structures for specific construction activities that you plan to execute.
Access Systems & Protective Covers
Personnel access systems can be designed to create a proper working platform in places that are hard to access or have little to no footprint below the workzone to place supports. We can design systems that utilize existing structures to perform activities for your project safely. Protective covers can be designed over public traffic or under existing structures to lower the risk of causing adverse effects from your projects construction activities.
Bridge & Girder Erection
We can develop a full plan or review one that a sub-contractor has provided, its critical that the bridge girder themsevles are checked for stresses during the construction sequence prior to being in the final configuration as well as the hoisting equipment itself.
Rebar Cage Hoisting & Support

Providing appropriate support of rebar cages and pre-fabricated rebar structures is a crucial step before hoisting into their final locations. Industry standards are used to provide adequate internal and external bracing of rebar cages and structures prior to concrete being placed. Call us to review or create a rebar stability and guying plan today.
Misc Design - Formwork, Utility supports
Hanging form supports, bolted overhang brackets, sloped form supports and custom formwork? We can help develop a custom forming solution for your project that allows for the versatility you need.
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